Sizing Chart

How To Measure:

Height:  Measure from the top of the head to foot

Chest:   The circumference around the widest part of the upper body (under the arms)

Waist:   The circumference around the waistline (just above the belly button)

Hip:       The circumference around the widest part of the pelvis

Inseam:  Measure from the top of the inside of the leg to the foot

Babies’ Clothing Size Chart:

Our SizeAge   Height   Chest
New Born0-1M50 cm33 cm
0-3M0-3M56 cm38 cm
3-6M3-6M62 cm42 cm
6M6M68 cm45 cm
6-9M6-9M68-74 cm46 cm
9M9M74 cm47 cm
9-12M9-12M74-80 cm48 cm
12M12M80 cm49 cm
12-18M12-18M80-86 cm50 cm
18M     18M86 cm51 cm
18-24M18-24M86-92 cm52 cm
24M24M92 cm53 cm

Kids’ Clothing Size Chart:

Our sizeAgeHeightChestWaistHipInseam
3Y2-3 Years92-98 cm52-54 cm52-53 cm53-56 cm36-39 cm
4Y3-4 Years98-104 cm54-56 cm53-54 cm56-58 cm39-43 cm
5Y4-5 Years104-110 cm56-58 cm54-55 cm58-61 cm43-48 cm
6Y5-6 Years110-116 cm58-61 cm55-57 cm61-64 cm48-51 cm
7Y6-7 Years116-122 cm61-63 cm57-59 cm64-67 cm51-54 cm
8Y7-8 Years122-128 cm63-65 cm59-60 cm67-70 cm54-58 cm
9Y8-9 Years128-134 cm65-68 cm60-62 cm70-74 cm58-62 cm
10Y9-10 Years134-140 cm68-72 cm62-64 cm74-77 cm62-66 cm
12Y11-12 Years140-152 cm73-76 cm64-66 cm77-80 cm66-71 cm
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